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How to solve reboot and select proper boot device

How to solve reboot and select proper boot device in blog

On this occasion I will give a tutorial or a way to overcome Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Or Insert Media In Selected Boot Device that occurs when booting Windows. Indeed, in my opinion, errors like this do not cause problems or cause fatal damage, it's just that when loading after the BIOS , it will appear Reboot and press any key that I explained just now.

After that just loading windows, I think that's the only experience I've ever had. This problem is usually when we move the Boot Device in the bios. usually happens when we have reinstalled windows. but calm down below there is a way to solve it.

How To Solve Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device:

Problem With Bios HDD Disabled

Bios HDD or we can say this Hard Disk often has problems because of the reinstallation process on Windows, be it via Flashdisk, DVD or Cloning image. In changing the priority of the Boot Disk in the Bios, this greatly affects this because it can make the Hard Disk unreadable or will not boot.

What caused it :

  • When this Hard Disk is prioritized to 2 so we forget to change the bios settings again. 
  • Settings in the Bios often make things that make your head dizzy because you keep thinking about the problem that never ends. and this problem I often experience when reinstalling windows 7. surely after reinstalling there will be problems like the one above. That's because I forgot to change the priority in the Bios. 
  • Move Hard Disk Boot Priority to first

SATA Cable Problem

For the second problem, namely the problem with the Sata Cable, and this sata problem lies in the hardware. This problem usually occurs on Personal Computers or PCs. maybe the cable is damaged or the head is damaged too, wkwkwk. maybe we rarely take care of the cleanliness of the computer. usually damage to the Hard Disk port on the Motherboard which may be a lot of dust.

How To Solve  SATA Cable Problems:

  • Friends, just glue the blue on your computer and buy a new one, wkwkwk 
  • Try to clean the Hard Disk Port first 
  • I recommend buying a Sata cable that has good quality and is guaranteed

Bad Sector Hard Disk Problem

This problem is quite serious in my opinion, because if the hard disk has been hit by a bad sector it is the most complicated to find a way to solve it other than replacing it with a new one. but also the price of a hard disk is pretty good. but don't worry because there are still many ways to solve this one problem, even though it's not entirely successful.

How To Solve  A Bad Sector Hard Disk:

  • First, first turn off your computer and let it sit for about 30 minutes without electricity flowing to the components. 
  • Second, disconnect the SATA Cable 
  • Third, turn on your computer, but boot it using a flash or DVD 
  • Fourth, enter Safe Mode chkdsk in cmd 
  • Fifth, choose repair

What causes the problem:

  • Maybe because there are too many heavy software or applications installed on your computer.
  • Maybe your computer has a lot of viruses. 
  • Your computer is on for too long and not turned off. 
  • Maybe you install fake software without thinking about what will happen next. because now there are many programs or applications that have a virus, so you have to be careful when installing software.
Maybe that's all the article about how to solve reboot and select proper boot device in BIOS priority . Hopefully this article is useful and thank you very much.

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