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How To Bring Visitors To Your New Blog

Hello Guys. Today in this post I am going to share a best blogging tips for new blog. Our tutorial today is about How To Bring Visitors To Your New Blog. It is an exciting and proud thing if the articles that are shared can be useful for others. Actually, there are various ways that can be done so that blogs can be visited by readers. 

Because they are still new to blogging, beginner bloggers usually just wait for their articles to be visited by other people without making special offers. It's good if the articles that are shared appear on the first page of Google, for sure, the audience will come naturally.

Today, most readers only come to posts that are on the first page of Google. Until this article is shared, I have noted ways that can be implemented to increase the number of visitors or visitors on the blog.

Best Ways to Increase Blog Visitor That Proven Success

Proven Effective This Is How To Grow Visitors To Your Blog  - Who doesn't want to see their blog have a large audience with various kinds of constructive comments? Of course, this is the goal of all bloggers. Just like the author of this blog who does all kinds of ways so that it can be crowded by visitors.

1. The Most Wanted Discussion

For the first suggestion, look for a topic that readers are looking for or discussing. However, make sure that the discussion is in accordance with the blog's niche so that it stays on the same track.

2. Make Backlink

Backlinks are now the most instant way to bring visitors. The backlink system itself refers to redirecting a page from article A to post B. Usually, sites that have high traffic often receive backlink proposals which are certainly not free. You need to pay a fee to bring that redirect traffic.

3. Advertising

Nowadays, advertisements have popped up everywhere. To carry out this event, make sure to have a large enough capital. The more capital you spend, the wider the range of visitors you can get.

4. Endorse

Every public figure must have a lot of fans. An endorsement blog is a special blog offer activity carried out by a public figure so that fans of that public figure come to our blog. In carrying out the endorsement event, of course there will be negotiations between the blog owner and public figures regarding rewards, whether in the form of materials or services.


Commenting on other people's blogs was also able to call readers to open our blog. You can make comments with words that are inviting so that readers also enjoy. But, do not comment excessively, you might be considered spam.

6. Promotion to Social Media

Today, social media has become a necessity for millennials. With the excellent features provided by the developer, the level of use will also be even greater. With these facts, we are able to use social media to share article links. Well, one of the social media that I most recommend for you to use to share posts is Pinterest.

7. Active in Forum-institutions

If there are discussions in institutions, participate in providing reviews with reasonable responses so that they seem active and broad-minded. This will make you widely recognized by many people. If a lot of people already know, start to open yourself up by sharing the page link with those people.

8. Collaboration with Stakeholders

If previously you were affiliated with a public figure, this time, you are able to work with people who have ties of interest. Make sure to choose people who match your blog niche. For example, if your blog niche is education, please collaborate with lecturers or teachers.

9. Make Giveaway

Who doesn't love gifts? Everyone, of course, will be interested in something if there is the lure of a gift to be given. To call others to open your writing, this method seems to work for you.


Getting visitors or blog visitors is indeed very difficult. However, difficult does not mean impossible. You can do the methods I mentioned above. However, do it in a reasonable or fair manner. Do not force conditions that can ultimately harm you.

Enough of this article about How To Bring Visitors To Your New Blog , Thank you.

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