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iMagz V1.25 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

iMagz V1.25 Premium Blogger Template Free Download - Jago Design once again proves that they are one of the reliable web developers in the country. After successfully getting big profits from the two previous templates (Fletro Pro 6.1 and Median UI 1.6), they again provide a new product called iMagz V1.25 V1.25 Blogger Template

If the previous template was more specifically for personal websites or news, this time the template is more specifically for online business people.

Not without reason, of course, iMagz V1.25 has been accompanied by a landing page as the main feature on the home page. This feature is indeed being popular for use in terms of product or service promotion purposes.

1. Overview

This template is a combination of the two previous templates with the addition of new innovations in the form of landing pages . On the post's home page, it looks very similar to the Median UI with the footer adaptation of Fletro Pro.

Now, in addition to the posting page and landing page , a Portfolio page is also provided to display a list of products, services, and expertise that have become author qualifications.

In addition, there is also a Full read page . This page is a new feature adapted directly from Medium to display the full page.

If landing page templates generally only prioritize the appearance of the homepage, then not with this template. According to Muhammad Maki, who is the designer, the interface on various pages is made differently.

From here, we can see that iMagz V1.25 is designed specifically for websites that have a lot of features and services.

2. Features and Advantages

  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast loading
  • UI and UX design
  • Custom Page (Landing Page, Blog post, Portfolio, Full read)
  • 10+ Landing Page Layouts
  • Dark mode In-feed
  • Matched Content
  • Ads Slot
  • Tabs Post
  • Split post
  • Note Alert
  • Post Syntax highlighter
  • Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter
  • Easy to Customize
  • And Much More....

If it goes according to plan, this template is also rumored to be optimized for a self-hosted WordPress CMS.

3. Price

Jago Design is famous for always thinking about the pockets of lower - middle bloggers by setting prices below the average. Yes, just like the previous two templates, iMagz V1.25 is priced at Rp. 150,000.

For a template that is rich in features and advantages, isn't this template very cheap? Imagine if this template was sold elsewhere, the price would be very high. Some may ask, what services can you get for every purchase?

  1. iMagz V1.25 Templates + Landing page
  2. Standard iMagz V1.25 template (no landing page )
  3. New pdate updates forever
  4. Assistance service from designer for 1 month.

4. Demo And Download

Imagz V1.25.xml 64kb


The development of the times without realizing it takes place very quickly if you look at the existence of blogs, sites, and websites today. Yes, there are many who use the information media as a place for marketing products and services.

Now specifically for businesses, landing pages are certainly the best solution to use. Apart from being more attractive, the page display also looks more professional.

Now for those of you who want to use this template, please make a purchase directly at the official seller.

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